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door 2 AXLE




21' Tavee Osession wi ick a he oxes! Tavee ae one of Ausaia's ones unnin manufacues wih ove 35 yeas expeiance. Luxuy Semi off oad EXTERIOR: -Fu 6 quo G amp S See Chassis wih 3 quo Raise -16 quo 245 A Teian Aoy Whees -Exended A Fame wih T piece -Lae checke pae oo ox pefec fo BBQ o eneao oos ec -3 Am Bumpe Ba wih spae whee mouned -Beak away Bakin sysem -Exena Eneainmen compamen -Maine Speakes -Lae Picnic Tae -Gas Bayone fiin -Fon Tunne Boo -Rea veice soae ocke -Muipe Annex Lih on a sides -Acic Whie caddin -Back powde coaed checke pae sides amp fon -Windad v anenna wied o 3 ocaions in van -Roof mouned Revese Ai Condiionin uni -Roof mouned Soa pane -Doue Gazed Moicoo Euo Windows -Pu ou Auminum sine Sep INTERIOR: -Ausaian made enuine Leahe Cafe Loune wih foo ess -Dinnin Tae -3k Top Washin Machine -Fan foced Oven and Gi/ cookop -Micowave oven -Fieed Fesh Wae -House hod kichen sink -Pu ou Pany x2 -Aned Kichen wih deep dawes -Muipe 12v amp 240v Oues houh whoe van -190L 3 way Fide Feeze -REDARC BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM -Dua Baeies -Tank and Eecica Gaues -Lih Dimmes o Livin / Bedoom quaes -4 Sae Readin ihs -Syeie Ausaian made cupoads amp doos -Acki Spash Backs -One piece Fooin -One piece Lino ( No Joins ) -Sepeae Toie and Showe -6'4 quo x 5'2 quo Queen Bed wih innespin maess -Tv se up fo Bedoom -Tv se up fo Loune/ Kichen aea -China ow Toie -Lae Ensuie aea -Peny of Soae houhou 100% Saisfacion !